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Dick RanianDick Ranian
A native of Jerusalem, Dick Ranian has lived in Oregon for fifty years. Dick has impressive travel credentials having planned, organized and escorted tour-groups to almost every international destination, many with frequent visits. Dick’s linguistic background, his savoir-faire and knowledge are enviable. For nearly five decades, Dick has catered to two and often three generations of clients and he is ready to share his wealth of experience with you.

Ani RanianAni Ranian
Ani is also a native of Jerusalem. In 1981 she was admitted at Lewis & Clark College when she was 16 years of age. Ani has been associated with travel ever since she graduated from college. She has traveled far and wide, often accompanying Dick Ranian to numerous destinations on joint escorting journeys. Ani’s proficiency in languages, analytical mind and tremendous memory are resourceful qualities that complement her extensive travel experience.

Danae Warinner
Danae joined the company in October 2017. She brought with her a degree in Business Management & Leadership from Portland State University. Danae is assistant to Ani, and is increasing her portfolio of travel knowledge and experience as she works on complex and detailed files. Danae is efficient and eager to serve.

Beckie BurnillBeckie Burnill
Rebecca ‘Beckie’ Burnill is our Bookkeeper, Consultant, Technical Expert and Office Manager par excellence. Beckie’s enthusiasm is infectious and she handles all her duties with tremendous alacrity. For Beckie, every request is a challenge that draws her complete attention with no minor detail left untouched. Having just returned from taking a Crystal Cruise in the Mediterranean, Beckie is ready to assist you with your travel plans.


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